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发布 10:21 AM 9 January 2019

In front of my house, I planted a bunch of night scent, which gives off a faint scent every day.king of the night, I planted it. I remember that one year, I came to my mother's factory and played with flowers and flowers as usual Carton Sale On Newports. At this time, I feel that there is a smell of flowers that is particularly good. So, I asked my mother, "What kind of flower is this Wholesale Menthol Cigarettes, how is it so sweet?" "This is the night scented flower, which blooms at night and gathers during the day." Hey, this flower is very chic. So, I took the trouble to collect the seeds of it. I received a packet of this nightly fragrant flower seed.n I got home, I scattered the seeds on the doorway. Since then, it has taken root in the land in front of my house. After several years of spring and autumn, it has grown very lush.night blossoms are different from other flowers. It always blooms at night and will fade in the morning. The flowers that come in the night come in three colors: white, yellow and rose. The flowers that come to my house at night are rose red By Newport 100. It has five flowers connected together, with yellow stamens in the middle, which are fascinating. The green leaves are set against the flowers, making people feel that this night is particularly beautiful. People who have walked through my house will stop by to watch it unconsciously Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S, and will not be able to admire it. The breeze blows, it will sway, as if to nod to people. Sometimes, I am not happy, it will make me happy. At that time, I would think it would be a pleasure to look at it and smell the flowers. scent is not only beautiful, but also life-strength. One winter, the night is fragrant, leaving only one old root. I thought that it couldn't live next year, spring came, and the night scent still didn't sprout, which made me rushed. I want to go and ask some seeds to plant them. However, after a few days, it was resurrected. The night scent came out with new sprouts and my mouth was happy Marlboro Hard Cigerate. And it's driving more lush than before. I saw it blossoming and I thought it was like saying to me: "I am not afraid, I will kill me in the winter, but my children will grow upmost characteristic of this kind of flower is the flowering at night, and the flowers are overflowing. The authors in the article focus on the way the flowers bloom and show the vitality of the night through concrete examples. At the end of the article, the small author praised the spirit of being bitter and willing to sacrifice at night, and expressed his love for the night fragrance. The content is substantial, the structure is complete, the level is clear, and the center is clear.e article uses metaphors, anthropomorphic and other rhetorical techniques to further reflect the beauty and tenacity of the night fragrance. language is smooth and organized, and the delicate image of the flower is vivid.

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